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Marc Velilla Cajo

As a student of Vall d'Hebron Research Institut (VHIR), my current role is focused on the discovery of the mechanisms underlying diabetes and obesity. Therefore, due to my duties of student and investigator that I perform in VHIR, I can describe myself as a person highly motivated in science and in resolving problems that can impact positively our society. In this sense, I am methodical, organised, ambitious and prone to self-learning, from science to popular topics of our society.

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Research assistant
Diabetes and Metabolism
Vall Hebron Institut de Recerca
I started my academic career by obtaining a diploma in Biology at Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), in the promotion of 2017. During this time of four years, I took part in an Erasmus program at Kent University (UK) and I realised an internship in Blood and Tissue Bank of Barcelona (BST). There, I obtained knowledge in techniques of molecular biology, as well as immunohematology applied to clinics.
Next, I realised a master in biomedical translational research in Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR), in narrow collaboration with UAB. I performed my master internship in the laboratory of metabolism and obesity, under the orders of Dr. Villena. The project I carried on there focused on unmasking the role of RORgamma in white adipose tissue in the context of obesity and diabetes. Once I finalised this master, I moved to Dresden (Germany) thanks to an Erasmus fellowship and I stayed for six months in the Paul Langerhans Institute of Dresden (PLID), in the laboratory of Professor and Doctor Michele Solimena. In the laboratory I studied the cellular mechanisms that modulate insulin secretion.
Ended my stay in Germany, I came back to Catalonia and I started immediately the PhD of Biochemical, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine in Dr. Villena’s laboratory. My current project is based on finding the mediators of the crosstalk between adipose tissues and pancreas in the context of obesity and diabetes.
Apart from my academic career, I talk and write in 4 different languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and German, although I have an A2 level in the last one.


Control de la funció de les cèl·lues beta pancreàtiques pel teixit adipós marró

IP: Josep A Villena Delgado
Collaborators: Marc Velilla Cajo, Miriam Izquierdo Sans , Judit Álvarez González
Funding agency: AGAUR
Funding: 64425.41
Duration: 01/04/2022 - 31/03/2025

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