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Susana Graciela Kalko Witruk

I am leader of the Work Package 3 (WP3: Clinical Network and Network of Patient-Level Data) in the EU-PEARL Project ( at the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR). I am working as Senior Clinical Data Coordinator at the Unit of Strategy of the VHIR

Institutions of which they are part

Strategic Projects Unit
Competitive Projects Area
Vall Hebron Institut de Recerca
I have a PhD in Physics, and I have worked as a Biomedicine Data Scientist since 2002, gaining a large experience in the analysis and integration of massive screening and clinical data. I have always been very interested in the application of basic science to human health, especially in interdisciplinary teams, analyzing and managing data and projects, quality control assessment, curation and combination of data. I collaborated with different medicine research groups on a large diversity of diseases using robust and complex tools and statistical methodologies, and my contributions may be found in many scientific papers published to date ( Currently, my interests are closely related to the functions I perform at EU-PEARL, that are the development of informatics methods, specifications and tools to interconnect multiple hospital EHR systems, in a federated model. I am actively working on the harmonization of platform trials Inclusion-Exclusion criteria into interoperable queries to be used in clinical real-world data. Methodologies and specifications used at EU-PEARL give us a rapid access to pools of candidate trial patients for potentially further recruitment.


EU Patient- cEntric clinicAl tRial pLatform - EU PEARL.

IP: Joan Genescà Ferrer
Collaborators: Santiago Pérez Hoyos, Anna Sanjuan Viaplana, María De Valles Silvosa, Sarai Rodríguez Navarro, Xavier Cañas Perea, Juan Espinosa Pereiro, Núria Gavaldà Batalla, Juan Manuel Pericàs Pulido, José Antonio Ramos Quiroga, Israel Molina Romero, Alex Sánchez Pla, Inmaculada Fuentes Camps, Elena de Sena Fernández, Esther Arevalo Andres, Susana Graciela Kalko Witruk, Adrián Sánchez Montalvá, Pol Ibañez Jimenez, Olga Sánchez- Maroto Carrizo, Gara Arteaga Henriquez, Jesus Manuel Rivera Esteban, Gabriela Perez Fuentes Ruiz, Federica Righi , Sandra Patricia de Almeida Duarte, Maria Fernanda Barroso de Sousa, Sandra Aixut Mayordomo
Funding agency: The Innovative Medicines Initiative
Funding: 1987375
Reference: EU-PEARL_H2020_IMI2-2018
Duration: 01/11/2019 - 30/04/2023

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