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Aliances and strategic projects

Vall d'Hebron Research Institute's internacionalization strategy has made us one of the leading research centres in Southern Europe. We have succeeded in creating and participating in the main local, national and European strategic alliances that promote research and teaching in high-level care environments. On which are involved the different actors in the health system: the pharmaceutical industry, researchers and patients.

European University Hospitals Alliance (EUHA)

It was founded in 2017 with a commitment to share experiences in health, research and education among the nine European hospitals that form it. All of them have institutes of excellence in research and are associated with a university. Research, education, innovation, and the transfer of knowledge are central to their present and future strategy.

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European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine (EATRIS)

In order to facilitate and speed up the development of medical products, so they can improve people's health and quality of life, EATRIS encourages collaboration between academics, doctors, researchers, patients, and enterprises across Europe.

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Health Research and Innovation Institutes of Catalonia (IRISCAT)

IRISCAT (Health Research and Innovation Institutes of Catalonia ) is a strategic alliance of health research and innovation institutes to develop and improve translational and clinical research in the Catalan Health System.

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Strategic projects

EU-PEARL is a strategic public-private partnership to transform the way clinical trials are conducted. By creating an innovative framework that incorporates the patient perspective, EU-PEARL aims to improve and accelerate drug development processes, thereby providing new and more effective treatments more quickly.
H2O brings together the public and private sectors to create an unprecedented, Europe-wide standardized data infrastructure and governance system and system for incorporating patients' views and preferences into decisions affecting their individual healthcare and that of the entire patient community.
In collaboration with EATRIS, we coordinate the EJP-RD Mentoring Programme, which provides tailored support to translational projects for rare diseases with the aim of accelerating the development of effective treatments.
EOSC-Life brings together the 13 'ESFRI' Life Sciences Research Infrastructures (LS RIs) to create an open, digital and collaborative space for biological and medical research. EOSC-Life will make LS RIs data resources 'FAIR' and publish them on EOSC following guidelines and standards.