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Statistics and Bioinformatics Unit (UEB)

The Statistics and Bioinformatics Unit (UEB) was set up in 2008, as part of the Scientific and Technical Support Area’s units at the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR). Its mission is to provide expert advice, services and training for clinical and biomedical research mainly in the areas of statistics and bioinformatics.

ueb dades
  • Provide statistical, methodological and bioinformatics support not just for clinical and biomedical research, mainly at our centre, but also for the rest of the community.
  • Contribute to training in statistics and bioinformatics for clinical and biomedical research, organising its own courses and taking part in regulated training at the VH Campus.
  • Carry out innovation and development activities in the area of statistics and bioinformatics, particularly where this may result in an improvement in the procedures and services provided by the Unit.

The UEB is divided into three platforms to carry out its activities:

  • Biostatistics
  • Bioinformatics
  • ‘Data-Science’ projects

The UEB is highly committed to modern scientific-support trends and follows the principles of quality, traceability and reproducibility in its work. The UEB guarantees the quality of its services through ISO 9001 certification: 2015.


Clinical-data analysis  

  • Biostatistics Analyses
  • Clinical Trials
  • Electronic Logbook Development (REDCap)
  • Epidemiological Studies
  • Data management for Clinical Research  

 Bioinformatics analysis  

  • Transcriptomics
  • Omics data analysis (Microarrays, RNA-seq, proteomics and other NGS)
  • Expression data analyses (qPCR, Nanostring)
  • Variant analyses
  • Omics and clinical data integration
  • Biomarker selection 
  • Biological significance analyses (channels, networks, etc.)
  • Application and automation development applications  


  • Courses
  • Small seminars 
  • Official training (Master’s)
  • Students in practicals 

Consultancy and research projects

  • Sample size
  • Experimental designing
  • Reviewing grants and aid 
  • Statistical writing and response to reviewers
  • Support for research project requests (‘Data management’, variable selection, Statistical analysis etc.)

Service request

If you need any of the services offered by the VHIR Statistics and Bioinformatics Unit (UEB), register your request in the following form.

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