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Animal Research Ethics Committee (CEEA)

The Animal Research Ethics Committee (CEEA) of the VHIR is the body responsible for ensuring the welfare of our animals and has the function of complying with current regulations governing the use of animals for research and other scientific purposes.

The CEEA, within its area of competence, has the following functions:

  • Advise on animal welfare issues regarding their acquisition, housing, care and use.
  • Advise on the application of the Replacement, Reduction and Refinement (3Rs) requirement, and keep up to date with technical and scientific advances in the application of this requirement.
  • Establish and review internal operational processes regarding the control, communication and monitoring of information related to animal welfare.
  • Advise on the rehousing or adoption of animals, including their proper socialisation
  • Issue the mandatory report to request the authorisation of a project (Article 33.1 of Royal Decree 53/2013)
  • Monitor projects, taking into account their effect on the animals used, as well as determining and evaluating the elements that best contribute to Replacement, Reduction and Refinement

Internal regulations

Consult the internal rules of procedure of the Animal Research Ethics Committee, as well as the content of the reports issued by this committee on the procedures to be notified to the department of the environment and the procedures that require the express authorisation of the Animal Research Commission.



In this section you will find all the information regarding the steps to follow for the presentation of a new animal research project: forms, descriptive reports, instructions, types of projects, deadlines, fees, etc.

Laboratori amb operacions, personal VHIR

Staff accreditation

All personnel participating in an animal research procedure must have their training recognised by the Department of Territory and Sustainability. We explain the procedure for the accreditation of investigative staff, researchers and caregivers, as well as the functions that can be recognised


See the current rates of the services that offers the CEEA.

Legislation and useful links

Below you will find information of interest related to regional, state and European legislation on the use of animals for scientific purposes, as well as other links on animal welfare, associations, foundations and scientific societies, among others.

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