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Strategic Plan 2021-2025: Today's research, tomorrow's health

The new Vall d’Hebron Research Institute Strategic Plan 2021-2025 defines the general lines of action to follow in both research and knowledge transfer in order to face the new challenges and future needs of the coming years.

This strategy is aligned with the research and innovation policies of both its Trustees, in particular with the one from the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, and those at all the national, state and European level, with the aim of achieving a balance between public service and being an innovative research center, all within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030).


We are an institution that promotes, develops and transfers research of the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital. Through international leadership and excellence in our research, we improve people’s health and quality of life.


We want the research of Vall d'Hebron to transform: creating an impact on both health and quality of life of patients and society, generating social and economic wealth in a responsible and sustainable way, and becoming a global benchmark for new health ecosystems.

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Our values

Ethics, integrity, commitment and transparency are the basis of our actions, with the aim that our research and its results have a relevant impact both at social and economic and environmental levels. 

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Our values

We have a vocation for leadership and the ambition to be agents of transformation of the environment both at local and global levels. At the same time, we have a collaborative and integrative spirit. 

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Our values

We are an inclusive institution. Alliances, patients and society are our preferred areas of action. 

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Our values

We rise to the challenges of our day-to-day jobs with rigor, flexibility and effectiveness.

Today's research, tomorrow's health

In this new strategic plan, after the motto we have included the additional message “Inspiring by doing”, with the aim to be inspiring as we implement our strategy.

4 perspectives and 12 strategic themes

Strategic Plan

Access the complete Strategic Plan

Learn the general lines of action in research and knowledge transfer of the VHIR in order to face the new challenges and future needs of the coming years.