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It is a company created in 2021 dedicated to the Medical Imaging sector. It works to help clinical experts to improve the care of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Developing intelligent and automated tools that reduce the error associated with the visual reading of magnetic resonance images of patients.

Dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of patients by developing new tools to obtain the most robust and accurate imaging biomarkers to predict future stages of disease and optimize treatment decisions for each patient.


Quantification of the presence of brain injuries in magnetic resonance images currently enables us to assess responses to individualised treatments for patients with multiple sclerosis. In clinical practice, however, this task is carried out visually, clearly reducing sensitivity in detecting the appearance of injuries. This lack of sensitivity can limit capacities for optimising the treatments being given to patients, reducing their quality of life and increasing costs owing to waste of medicines.


Tensormedical is developing an AI software that helps neuroradiologists to quantify the presence of new injuries effectively, naturally integrating itself into its workflow.


On the technological level, the pre-clinical studies conducted so far, using a first functional prototype on a group of 100 patients, show that the proposed solution helps neuroradiologists to improve analysis of patients compared to classic visual analysis, with an increase in sensitivity of practically 50%, detecting new injuries. The same study states that using our solution increases by at least 10% the number of cases where there had effectively been lesional activity occurring unnoticed by the neuroradiologist. This study is currently reviewed in a top-ranking science journal.

On the strategic level, Tensormedical has recently been the beneficiary of Startup Capital funding aid awarded by the Catalan agency ACCIÓ, which funds 25 startups from the Catalan ecosystem with €75,000 every year.  

Next steps

This first validation study is the basis on which the Tensormedical team is developing the product that it expects to be able to start marketing in Europe from 2023 on, once the product has been nationally and internationally validated and CE certification has been obtained for it. From now on, Tensormedical will continue to validate its product for its use in the American market.


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Xavier Lladó

Universitat de Girona (UdG)
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Arnau Oliver

Universitat de Girona (UdG)
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Alex Rovira

IDI and Hospital Vall d’Hebron