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Scientific Integrity Committee


The Scientific Integrity Committee is made up of:

  • President: Selected Researcher among other members
  • 2 invited members of the Accredited Institute, if applicable.
  • Six (6) members, of which four (4) are clinics attached to VHIR with links to HUVH and two (2) VHIR basic researchers.
  • Ombudsperson VHIR
  • President of the CEIm or delegated person
  • President of the Ethical Committee for Animal Research (CEEA), or delegated person.
  • The Economic Coordination of the VHIR.
  • Legal Directorate of the VHIR.
  • Experts specialists in areas of knowledge may be invited


  • Ensure compliance with the precepts included in the good practice guides of the ICS, the CERCA Institution and the European Commission (ALLEA).
  • Act as an arbitration institution in the event of uncertainties or conflicts that may arise.
  • Inform and sensitize the scientific community of the institutions about the events, needs and guidelines related to the ethical and deontological aspects of biomedical research.
  • Promote measures aimed at improving the quality of research and training in this area.
  • Be attentive and receptive to advances and new problems related to the integrity of research, as well as propose the drafting of internal regulations necessary for good scientific practice
  • Identify misconduct and unacceptable practices in research.
  • Be aware of conflicts that may arise between the scientific community.