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Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee is an essential body to ensure regulatory compliance with the entity’s commitments and values, and the protection of its reputation.

Its main functions are to promote and present the Compliance Programme for approval, monitor it on a regular basis, and appoint and oversee the actions of the Compliance Officer, as well as the resolution of appeals against sanctions resulting from complaints and acting on its own account.

María de Valles

María de Valles

Director of HR and Legal Department
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Sandra Almeida

Head of Legal Unit
Romà Freixas

Romà Freixas

Head of IT
Xavi Bros

Xavi Bros

Finances Coordinator
Rafael Simó Canonge

Dr. Rafa Simó

Researcher and deputy director of Clinical Research
Simo Schwartz

Dr. Simó Schwartz

Researcher and deputy director of Basic Research
Jordi Barquinero

Dr. Jordi Barquinero

Javier Santos

Dr. Javier Santos

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Dr. Ferran Morell