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Internal Assessment Committee (IAC)

The purpose of the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute (VHIR) Internal Assessment Committee (IAC) is the internal assessment of candidates that submit applications for the calls for competitive research that require prioritisation according to the previously established criteria. Furthermore, the IAC offers assistance to researchers to improve their project proposals, and monitors which projects by the VHIR researchers fulfil the minimum requirements of quality, viability and suitability and are in line with the ideals of the Institution.


Anna Santamaria

Dra. Anna Santamaria


Simo Schwartz

Dr. Simó Schwartz

Francisco Rodríguez-Frías

Dr. Francisco Rodríguez-Frías

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Dr. Ramon Martí

Avatar gènere home

Dr. Salvador Augustin

Substitute members

Dr. Miquel Segura

David Martínez Selva

Dr. David Martínez-Selva