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Research Integrity Committee

The Research Integrity Committee (CIR) is a managerial advisory body and its mission is to promote knowledge and the internal adoption of best practices and ethics in research, as well as ensure the regulatory compliance of the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute (VHIR) in administrative matters.

Full members

Soledad Gallego

Dr Soledad Gallego

Chairperson of the CEIM
Carmen Espejo

Dr Carmen Espejo

Chairperson of the CEEA
Avatar gènere home

Dr Ferran Morell

VHIR Ombudsperson
Xavi Bros

Mr Xavi Bros

Finance Coordinator
María de Valles

Ms María de Valles

HR and Legal Director


María Jesús Cruz

Dr María Jesús Cruz

Victor Vargas

Dr Victor Vargas


Dr Esperanza Zuriguel

Anna Rosell

Dr Anna Rosell

Dr Judith Sánchez Raya

Avatar gènere dona

Dr Anna Cartanyà

(pending acceptance)