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Internal Scientific Council

The Board of Trustees must appoint, at the proposal of the Management, an Internal Scientific Committee formed by a minimum of three and a maximum of eight researchers from the Foundation’s research groups, to advise the Management in the performance of its functions. This body does not hold any managerial or representative functions in the Foundation.



Dra. Begoña Benito

Director of Vall d'Hebron Research Institute

Vice President

Patricia Pozo

Dra. Patricia Pozo

e-CORE Brain & Mind and Behaviour Coordinator Vocal. Head of the Headache and Neurological Pain Group


Anna Santamaria

Dra. Anna Santamaria

Director’s Assistant in Basic and Translational Research


María Jesús Cruz

Dra. Maria Jesús Cruz

e-CORE Global Health Coordinator. Co-head of the Pneumology Group
Pere Soler

Dr. Pere Soler

e-CORE Woman & Child Health & Rare Diseases. Coordinator Head of the Infection and Immunity in Pediatric Patients Group
Ignacio Ferreria

Dr. Ignacio Ferreira

e-CORE Chronic, Prevalent Diseases & Aging Coordinator. Head of Cardiovascular Diseases Group
Juan Ángel Recio

Dr. Juan Ángel Recio

e-CORE Cancer Coordinator. Vocal. Head of the Biomedical Research in Melanoma Group. Tenure Track. Miguel Servet 2022-2023
Raúl Herance

Dr. Raúl Herance

e-CORE Personalised Medicine, Innovative Diagnostics, Molecular Imaging & Digital Health Coordinator. Vocal. Head of the Medical Molecular Imaging Group

Dr. Miguel Chillón

e-CORE Advanced Therapies and Advanced Interventions, Nanomedicine, Transplant & Donation Coordinator. Head of Gene Therapy at Nervous System Group.
Rafael Simó Canonge

Dr. Rafael Simó Canonge

Director’s Assistant in Clinical Research. Head of Diabetes and Metabolism Research Group

Dr. Alex Rovira

Vocal. Head of the Neuroradiology Research Group
Josep Antoni Ramos Quiroga

Dr. José Antonio Ramos Quiroga

Vocal. Head of the Psychiatry, Mental Health and Addictions Research Group

Dr. Antonio Gil

Vocal. Head of the Biomedical Research in Gynecology Research Group
Marisol Ruiz Meana

Dra. Marisol Ruiz Meana

Vocal. Cardiovascular Diseases Research Group
María José Buzón

Dra. Maria José Buzón

Vocal. Co-head of Infectious Diseases Research Group
María del Mar Mañú

Dra. Maria del Mar Mañú

Vocal. Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders Research Group
Nerea Maiz

Dra. Nerea Maíz

Vocal. Maternal & Fetal Medicine Research Group
Belén Pérez

Dra. Belén Pérez

Vocal. Paediatric Neurology Research Group
Ibane Abasolo

Dra. Ibane Abasolo

Vocal. Head of the CIBBIM - Nanomedicine Drug Delivery and Targeting Research Group
Oriol Bestard

Dr. Oriol Bestard

Vocal. Head of Nephrology and Kidney Transplant Research Group
Mar Hernández

Dra. Mar Hernández

Vocal. Head of Nephrology and Kidney Transplant Research Group