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Aitor Rodriguez Martinez

Graduated in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Barcelona, ​​as well as a master's degree in Advanced Medical Immunology, which give me access to the studies of Doctorate in Biomedicine (2016-2022) in the area of ​​translational research in gynecological oncology between the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona and the Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge. During the last stage I combined the thesis with university teaching as an Associate Professor in the field of Human Histology at the Faculty of Medicine. With a master's degree in Clinical Research, I am currently the clinical manager/clinical coordinator of the clinical investigations/trials at the Radiodiagnostics Service of the Vall d'Hebrón University Hospital. I also collaborate and give support to research projects linked to the Service and the VHIR Molecular Medical Imaging Research Group.

Institutions of which they are part

Research technician
Vall Hebron Institut de Recerca
Person in charge/Coordinator
Radiologia Pediàtrica
Children's Hospital and Woman's Hospital
Person in charge/Coordinator
Radiodiagnòstic (IDI)
Traumatology, Rehabilitation and Burns Hospital
- Degree in Biomedical Sciences (UB-2015)
- Master in Advanced Medical Immunology (UB / UAB-2016)
- PhD Biomedicine (UB / IDIBELL / HUB-2022)
- Master in Clinical Trials (Nebrija-2022)

- Predoctoral Researcher in the Gynecological Cancer Research Group (UB-IDIBELL-HUB)
- Associate Professor of Human Histology (UB Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)
- Clinical Trials Study Coordinator at the Radiodiagnostics Service of the Vall d'Hebrón University Hospital.

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