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Joaquim Piqueras Pardellans


Institutions of which they are part

Vall Hebron Institut de Recerca
Radiologia Pediàtrica
Children's Hospital and Woman's Hospital


Estudio experimental de terapia celular con células madre adultas expandida "in vivo"

IP: Màrius Aguirre Canyadell
Collaborators: Joaquim Piqueras Pardellans, Joaquim Vives Armengol
Funding agency: Instituto de Salud Carlos III
Funding: 79255
Reference: PI11/02231
Duration: 01/01/2012 - 30/06/2016

Low dose X-ray diagnostic imaging: a new modality for planar and three dimensional applications in rheumatology, orthopaedics and chest radiography (EOS) Contract: G6RD-CT-2001-00614 Grant: 00614

IP: Joaquim Piqueras Pardellans
Collaborators: -
Funding: 43755.77
Reference: EOS-00614
Duration: 13/12/2001 - 12/12/2003

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