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A team from Vall d'Hebron Research Institute (VHIR) and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) highlights the ERK5 protein as a key factor in the resistance to cancer drugs.

On World Cancer Research Day, we highlight the oncology research model of the Vall d'Hebron Campus that allows laboratory results to be transferred as quickly as possible to clinical practice.

Vall d’Hebron ha celebrat avui la Jornada del Dia Mundial contra el Càncer, una malaltia cada cop més freqüent que patiran al llarg de la vida un de cada dos homes i una de cada tres dones del nostre entorn.

Inhibition of the ERK5 protein kinase reduces the proliferation and survival of endometrial cancer cells, and potentiates standard chemotherapy.

On World Cancer Research Day, we highlight the impact of VHIR projects in the field of oncology.

The meeting allows establishing the basis for collaboration between experts from around the world, with the aim of promoting research on this protein and its role in cancer.

Vall d’Hebron and UAB researchers studied the antitumoral action of protein kinase ERK5 inhibitor drugs, and found out they accelerate toxic autophagy.