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Within the framework of a clinical trial, the first 3D printed medicine in Europe in the pediatric field will be tested.

Research has found that a significant number of patients with the Relapsing-Remitting variant have Progression Independent of Relapse Activity episodes.

The winning work is an international study that has shown the efficacy of robotic surgery for the repair of strictures in the ureters, one of the most common complications after removing the urinary bladder due to cancer.

Dr. Begoña Benito, the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR) director, received the award, as recognition for the Institution’s contribution to developing science and technology in Catalonia.

The vaccines offer high protection against severe COVID-19 symptoms, with an effectiveness of up to 91% in infected women who had received the complete vaccination regimen and a booster dose.

The new tool will improve patient care and allow early detection of complications, as the hospital previously did not have a specific form.

The collaborative studies, co-led by Dr. Jordi Riera, present the experience with the use of extracorporeal life support and advance in the knowledge of the criteria to increase the success of the treatment.

The study analyzes the scientific evidence on the harmful effect of environmental pollution and heavy metals on cardiovascular health and summarizes the strategies for its prevention and treatment.

Pulmonary hypertension is a risk factor for patients who need surgery and, therefore, defining strategies for its management is important to allow a favorable clinical evolution.

The pre-enrollment period for the 2023-2024 academic year of the Master in Translational Biomedical Research at VHIR will be open from January 13th to September 1st or until all places are closed.

The selected studies were those of Dr. Carlos Jiménez, from the Cancer and Childhood Hematological Diseases group, and Dr. Eva Coll, from the Biomedical Research in Gynecology group, both members of eCORE-Cancer.

The multidisciplinary paper on papillary thyroid cancer has been considered the best original article of 2021 in the journal Endocrinología, Diabetes y Nutrición

Vall d’Hebron Research Institute makes its own and open call for a doctoral fellowship programme devoted to attracting young early-stage researchers with a special interest in biomedical research who wish to carry out doctoral studies at VHIR.

The funds will be used to maintain the contract of the psychologist who monitors the emotional well-being of the children with primary immunodeficiencies.

Amb motiu del Dia Mundial del Càncer, la fotògrafa Ximena Borrazas i Vall d’Hebron col·laboren en un projecte fotogràfic per recaptar fons per investigar en la lluita contra la malaltia.

The work has compared sensitive and resistant cells to cisplatin treatment to understand the mechanisms involved in resistance and to find new biomarkers and therapies.

The association renews its commitment to the research of the Renal Pathophysiology group of VHIR in this rare disease that affects the kidneys.

Divuit hores de programa solidari recull més de 8 milions d'euros per lluitar contra les malalties del cor. A Catalunya, una de cada quatre persones moren a causa d'una malaltia del cor o un ictus

La 26a Conferència Anual, centrada en els mecanismes i tractaments de la migranya, ha anat a càrrec de Lars Edvinsson, Peter Goadsby, Michael Moskowitz i Jes Olesen, neuròlegs referents en la recerca en cefalea.

T’animem que ens diguis el teu desig per als pacients i professionals de Vall d’Hebron! Emetrem els desitjos a les pantalles de les sales d’espera perquè arribin a tothom i molts també es publicaran a les xarxes socials del Campus.

More than 350 European organizations involved in research and research funding join forces to move towards a peer-review-based system.

Researchers have observed that, in the absence of glucose, tumor cells become sensitive to treatment with sorafenib, a drug that was approved years ago for other indications.

The funds come from the campaign "Una pizca de Magia" (A pinch of Magic) promoted by Tamara Gorro.

The head of the Renal Pathophysiology group at VHIR was part of a round table on how research can help to meet the needs of patients with rare diseases.