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The artwork Pioneres, presented on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, is almost 40 metres long and portrays nine women, from Ancient Greece to the present day, who have contributed to the progress of sciences in the field of health.

The work "Family presence during invasive procedures in pediatrics: perceptions, attitudes and practices of nurses" has received the Research Award of the General Council of Nursing in the category of Young Promises in Nursing Research.

Dr. Gerard Cantero, who is now a researcher at the CIBBIM-Nanomedicine - Kidney Physiopathology at VHIR, participated in the work led by CRG and IMIM.

The recognition awards the Health Care Research Unit the prestigious RNAO and acknowledges the Hospital’s contribution and commitment to implementing the Best Practice Guidelines.

It is first proof of concept for the delivery of a tumor-suppressive microRNA for the treatment of neuroblastoma, a highly-aggressive pediatric solid tumor of the peripheral nervous system.

The Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus has organised the World Cancer Day Conference as part of World Cancer Day, today, 4 February.

Ens plau comunicar que la Comissió Avaluadora Interna ha finalitzat el procés de valoració de les al·legacions presentades en relació a la priorització de persones candidates als Ajuts AGAUR FI-DGR 2022.

The innovative oral drug could provide a new therapeutic option for people with PBC who have not obtained the recommended therapeutic outcome or who do not tolerate first line therapy and cannot continue their treatment.

The donation will boost the research headed by Dr Josep Roma, researcher with the VHIR Childhood Cancer and Haematological Diseases group.

The trial, which already has AEMPS authorisation, will be conducted in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

The publication summarises the main results showing that at least 20% of cases of severe pneumonia after SARS-CoV-2 infection are explained by genetic and immunological anomalies.

The mechanisms in obesity that cause mild cognitive impairment are similar to those of type 2 diabetes. Fat is a powerful cerebral toxin and risk factor: it causes delayed reaction times in both executive function and attention.

A group of researchers from Vall d’Hebron Research, IDIBELL and UB has identified a molecule involved in bone metastasis associated with prostate cancer that could be useful in the design of new therapies for its treatment.

Researchers have detected for the first time that people with type 2 diabetes who have insulin resistance in the myocardium have structural alterations of the heart and more calcifications in the coronary arteries that increase their risk of cardiovascular disease.

Funded by the Horizon Europe programme, RBDCOV will test the efficacy, tolerability, and safety of the vaccine against the different variants of COVID-19 using a recombinant protein.

Dr. Lucas Moreno and Dr. Constantino Sábado, researchers of the Translational Research Group in Childhood and Adolescent Cancer, are two of the leaders of the international study.

The project "I have PID. I'm an adult and I'm not alone" offers telematic sessions to improve the emotional well-being of adult patients with this type of disease.

The system can rapidly identify viral targets and the expression of viral entry factors, as well as detect inhibitors of viral entry into cells and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Identifying the common pathologies and molecular mechanisms involved in retinal and brain neurodegeneration could open up new opportunities in preventing type 2 diabetes-related cognitive impairment.

The pre-enrollment period for the 2022-2023 academic year of the Master in Translational Biomedical Research at VHIR will be open from January 10 to September 5, 2022, or until all places are filled.

The project COCREA SASI. Co creation for the promotion of affective-sexual health from an intercultural perspective has won the award for Best Research Paper.

The Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) has awarded with this prestigious recognition Dr. Pellisé's team for the study on the similarity of the adverse effects of surgeries both in elderly patients and in the general adult population.

The study shows the therapeutic effect of a new drug called 4SC-205 in new mouse neuroblastoma models, where it is effective in reducing the growth of the tumour.

This year, the Vall d'Hebron team has participated in the publication of three articles to understand the 2016 enterovirus A71 (EV-A71) outbreak in Catalonia and the follow-up of non-polio enteroviruses today.