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Training placements

At the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute (VHIR), we are convinced that work placements in companies or external entities are a very good way to round out students' education, acquiring new knowledge and practical experience, and improving their training for their future incorporation into the professional world. Therefore, we collaborate with universities, schools and study centres to place students who wish to have their first professional contact with the biomedical and biohealth research world at a research centre of international prestige associated with one of the most important hospitals in Catalonia and Spain.

A training placement at the VHIR laboratories will allow you to investigate real pathologies in patients using the most advanced technology, alongside the best professionals and, most importantly, with the aim of finding solutions to citizens’ health problems. This is an exciting world, a step further on the road to entering the workplace and a very beneficial experience for a future career.

At the VHIR we organise training placements for students on:

  • Training courses.
  • Degrees.
  • Master’s and postgraduate programmes.

What are the requirements?

For a training placement at the VHIR, you will need:

  • To have been accepted by a research group at the VHIR.
  • To be enrolled at a university or study centre throughout the placement.
  • To formalise the collaboration agreement for the placement between the university or study centre, the student and the VHIR.
  • To take out an accident and civil liability insurance policy to cover the entire period of the placement.

How to apply

If you want to carry out a training placement at VHIR, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. At the VHIR there are many different research groups working in diverse areas of science. To find a group that adapts to your training and your interests, we recommend that you consult the directory of research groups on the VHIR website and contact the lead researchers of the groups that are of interest to verify the availability of places for placements and apply for yours.
  2. Once you have been accepted by a group, contact the academic secretary of your university or study centre to find out about the procedure to follow to establish placement collaboration agreement.
  3. Once you know the procedure of your study centre, contact the VHIR Teaching Unit ( in order to begin the procedures to join the group. They will guide you throughout the process, assessing you before and during your placement and resolving any issues that may arise.