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At MiMARK we care about women's health. We are developing innovative in vitro tests to solve unmet clinical needs.

Case history

Early and accurate detection of endometrial cancer is an important factor for patient survival. The current diagnostic process is based on a pathological examination of a minimally invasive endometrial biopsy obtained through aspiration of the uterine cavity. This technique does not enable a diagnosis to be reached in 22% of cases and fails to provide correct information on the histological type and grade of the tumour in 55% of cases, mainly because of the lack of representative tumour cells in the sample. That is when an invasive biopsy is needed for properly diagnosing patients. This inefficient and inaccurate diagnostic process has dramatic consequences on the life expectancy and quality life of patients and is associated with high health costs. 

Solution to the unresolved need

WomEC is an in vitro diagnostic tool (IVD) that enables an accurate and efficient diagnosis, with a 97% negative predictive value, and provides information on the histological type of the tumour. Our IVD is based on assessments of the five protein biomarkers in the uterine fluid with two unique qualities: a 97% negative predictive value and information on the tumour’s features. Our solution enables us to:

  • obtain 100% of the diagnoses at the first consultation
  • rule out cancer with a high reliability
  • obtain objective information on tumour histology, which will help gynaecologists to guide optimal surgical treatment for patients with endometrial cancer


  • Validation of the clinical need with over 50 interviews
  • Two patents at national stages: AU, BR, CA, US, EU, JP, CH
  • International publications in indexed journals:
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Next steps: chronogram

  • 2021: development of the prototype
  • 2022: analytical validation
  • 2023: clinical validation
  • 2024: CE marking

Founders on the part of the VHIR

eva colas

Eva Colàs

Principal Investigator at the Biomedical Research in Gynecology
Antonio Gil Moreno

Antonio Gil

Head of the Biomedical Research in Gynecology