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The VHIR Steering Committee comprises the director, deputy director, managing director, and the directors of the main areas of the VHIR.

Joan Xavier Comella

Joan X. Comella

Montse Giménez

Montse Giménez

Fàtima Núñez

Fatima Núñez

Deputy Director
Albert Barberà

Albert Barberà LLuis

Director of Advanced Therapies and Technological Platforms Hub
María de Valles

María De Valles Silvosa

Director of the Human Resources & Legal Area
Núria Gavaldà

Núria Gavaldà Batalla

Director of the Strategic Area
Laia Arnal

Laia Arnal Arasa

Director of the Business Development Area
Xavier Cañas

Xavier Cañas Perea

Director of the Promotion of Clinical Research Area
Federica Righi

Federica Righi

Director of the Competitive Projects Area
inmaculada fuentes camps

Inma Fuentes

Director of the Core Facilities Area
Marta Rosal

Marta Rosal

Coordiantor of the Preclinical Core Facilities
Avatar gènere home

Miguel Angel Claver Rino

Director of the Quality & Digital Transformation Area
Fran Garcia

Fran Garcia Morales

Director of the Communication Area
Xavi Bros

Xavi Bros

Coordinator of the Finance Area
Mònica Anglada

Mònica Anglada

Coordinator of Quality & Processes

Executive Secretariat

The Executive Secretariat supports the Executive Committee in all management tasks delegated to it by its members. Coordinates the agenda of the directors, provides telephone assistance, compiles and prepares documentation associated with meetings and events of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Secretariat also acts as a link between the scientific community and the Directorate and supports the needs of researchers in accordance with the regulations and internal functioning of the VHIR.