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VHIR Annual Report 2021

Memoria Anual VHIR 2021


We present VHIR's annual commitment to communicate the scientific and institutional results of 2021 with a renewed format and design.

Once again, we present the commitment of Vall d'Hebron Institute of Research (VHIR) to communicate its scientific and institutional results of 2021: the multimedia report. This time, we renew its design, referring to the scientific images that researchers obtain in their daily work in the laboratory. From now on, it will be presented in June, just after its approval by the Board of Trustees during the first meeting of the year.

The report also presents changes in its format, which complements the most relevant data of the year with narrative sections that highlight some of the main developments in clinical trialsprojectsinnovation, as well as the renewal of the HRS4R seal in human resources, the presentation of the Strategic Plan 2021-2025 and the act of laying the first stone of the new research building of Vall d'Hebron.

This year, in our director’s editorial, Dr. Joan Comella explains the progress in the construction of the new research building and the main milestones achieved during a year still marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. He highlights the fact of having exceeded, for the first time, the 11,000 points of impact factor in publications, and the participation in numerous clinical trials. In this regard, the importance of patient involvement in research is emphasized from the perspective of a family who explains how research has improved the life of their son with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Once again, the annual report includes three videos of the most outstanding publications of 2021 according to the votes of our principal investigators. You will also find a summary of the most important news published during the year, both scientific and institutional.

The 2021 Annual Report also contains, as always, the summary of activity of the research groups and the main data and graphs of scientific production, human resources, economic issues and of the units that support research.

See the VHIR Annual Report in this linkYou can also download the printable version with a summary of the main data.

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