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ABCDx is a company that discovers and develops diagnostic tools transforming the management of patients with brain injuries. ABCDx’s devices help the healthcare professionals in the triage, diagnosis and treatment decision process at the point-of-care for patients presenting with stroke, trauma, or other acute brain injuries. 


ABCDx founded by Joan Montaner who was coordinator of the VHIR Neurovascular Diseases research group, is pioneering the ability to decode the chemical messages of the brain (brain biomarkers) to detect the presence and the type of brain injury within minutes from a drop of patient's blood, allowing the diagnosis at the earliest moments of symptom onset and accelerating the patient's triage and treatment.

The need to be covered: The solution and the products

LVOCheck is a portable diagnostic solution providing fast identification of large vessel occlusion (LVO) in acute stroke, just by analysing a blood drop from the patient's fingerpick. LVOCheck allows rapid triage of stroke patients already in the ambulance, so patients suffering a LVO can be directly driven to the closest thrombectomy centre to get the clot removed, without the need of a cranial CT scan at the nearest hospital, saving thereby an average of 2 hours from symptom onset to treatment.

The solution comprises:

  • A patented multi-biomarker rapid test providing LVO identification in only 10 minutes.
  • A smartphone app, to scan the test and upload the results to the platform.
  • An AI powered cloud-based platform supporting the decision-making and communication process.

LVOCheck is a game-changing innovation within stroke management, as it will dramatically shorten the time from stroke onset to therapy, thereby reducing disability and saving lives.

Milestones and next steps

  • Manufacturing of the final product by Summer 2021.
  • Clinical study for the validation of the product in Spain to be concluded by December 2021.
  • Regulatory submission to EU authorities by April 2022, obtain the CE marking by June 2022.
  • CE marking in 2022.
  • Complete clinical trials in Europe by 2022.
  • Commercialization in Europe by 2023.
  • Complete clinical trials in US by 2023.
  • FDA approval and commercialization in the US by 2024