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Equality plan

VHIR has always been committed to equality principles and, therefore, to developing policies, practices and initiatives that include equal opportunities for women and men, as well as diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  Gender equality continues to be one of the strategic pillars at our institution and, for this reason, our current third equality plan continues to work on non-discrimination, as well as driving and fostering the necessary measures for effective equal opportunities. 

Just as the first equality plan represented an opportunity to apply a gender perspective in analysis at the institution and look into the reality of VHIR from a different angle, the second plan contributed to focusing efforts on greater outreach for equality and awareness policies. The current third plan will continue on from the previous two and include more activities linked to incorporating a gender perspective in research and women’s leadership; intensify awareness and promotional activities for a culture of gender equality; and bolster all activities directly linked to equality and working conditions. 

The ultimate goal of the VHIR Equality Committee is to monitor and ensure equal opportunities between women and men, as well as inform and/or advise institution staff on equality issues. The committee welcomed a new roster of members in January 2023.

Alongside the Equality Plan, all areas involving equality and gender perspective in research from a more strategic standpoint are worked on by a specifically created group - Women in Science - which has close ties to the centre’s RRI policy (Gender Equality Pillar). We should also add that VHIR participates in different activities linked to equality, such as certain Working Groups that have emerged from local (AQuAS) and national (REGIC) initiatives.

Equality plan goals

Changes to the Plan

Throughout the first quarter of 2023, our Equality Plan has been enriched, incorporating elements from new national legislation, as well as recommendations from the Horizon Europe guidance on gender equality plans. By incorporating the Horizon Europe recommendations in our current Equality Plan, the eligibility criteria (related to gender) established by the European Commission for the Horizon Europe calls for proposals to which our centre applies is guaranteed.

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Among all the changes introduced, the following stand out:

  • The evaluation of the presence of women in decision-making bodies,
  • The sex and gender dimension in research,
  • The admissibility criteria (regarding gender) in the Horizon Europe calls for proposals.
  • And work-life balance measures


    See VHIR's Equality Plan

    The Equality Commission ratified the amendments to the current Plan in January 2023.