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Equality plan

Gender equality in its broadest definition and scope has been a priority for the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute (VHIR) for several years. Specifically, it has been contemplated as one of the strategic lines of the new Strategic Plan. In this way, all issues related to Equality and the inclusion of gender perspective in research are a high priority and relevant for VHIR. In 2010 VHIR formally established its institutional commitment to equality and gender non-discrimination and, since then, has developed 2 Equality Plans. The new Plan will give continuity to the previous ones, and will contemplate more actions related to the inclusion of the gender perspective in research and female leadership, will intensify actions to raise awareness and promote the culture of gender equality, and will reinforce all those actions directly related to equality and working conditions ("working balance"). There is an Equality Committee that has been evolving since it was established in 2010 and is governed by internal regulations. All members of this Committee have received specific training in gender equality (Equality Agent training course accredited at university level).

In parallel to the Equality Plan, all issues related to Equality and the gender perspective in research from a more strategic point of view are worked on by a group created specifically for this purpose, the "Women in Science" group. This initiative, closely linked to the center's RRI policy (Gender Equality pillar), is developed in alliance with another health research center, and is led by women researchers who are also present in other governance bodies of the Institution, in addition to the General Management. It should be added at this point that the VHIR also participates in various actions related to Equality, such as some Working Groups resulting from initiatives both local (AQuAS) and nationwide (REGIC).