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A clinical trial with the prototype of the device shows that the use of this technology improves patient monitoring by nurses and reduces post-surgical complications.

One study will improve the transition process of adolescents and, the other, will detect the risk of deterioration in hospitalised patients.

A study, led by Vall d'Hebron, identifies what type of information patients need to develop a web platform that will be useful to them when involving- se in making decisions about their treatment.

The research, led by nurse Zahira Pérez, focuses on the description of possible factors that alter sexual function in people diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease

The studies aim, one, to determine the level of humanization of pediatric ICUs in Catalonia, and, the other, to improve postoperative pain management of minor patients with cognitive disabilities.

The VHIR and CEMCAT nurse has been recognized for his leadership of the Catalonia Expert Patient program in this disease.

During the session, the first call for an intensification grant coordinated by Vall d’Hebron was announced, which will make it easier for nurses to participate in research projects.

The work "Family presence during invasive procedures in pediatrics: perceptions, attitudes and practices of nurses" has received the Research Award of the General Council of Nursing in the category of Young Promises in Nursing Research.

The nurses Rosa Casado, Eva Gavilan and Miguel Ángel Robles from Vall Hebron Research have been three of the winners of the call for grants of the Col-legi this 2021