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The VHIR, in its teaching area, aims to promote and develop academic activity in the area of translational and clinical research, promoting the creation of new teaching initiatives and contributing to channelling the training opportunities that arise from the scientific and healthcare community at VHIR, with the aim of transferring the knowledge deriving from our research to society through the training of research personnel of excellence.

The VHIR is a center that offers university education attached to the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

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We would like the VHIR to become consolidated as an academic institution of reference at an international level and to be recognised for the quality and innovation of our teaching in the area of biomedical research. We want to train professionals of excellence, recognised for their expertise, commitment and capacity to contribute to the success of the translational biomedical research of the future and become leaders.


The Teaching Strategic Plan for 2021-2025 establishes the following strategic lines:

  • Deliver quality training at all levels.
  • Provide visibility and promote the training capacity of VHIR.
  • Internationalise the training offer.
  • Conceptualise the processes to obtain an efficient and sustainable management model.
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Since 2013 the VHIR is a University Research Institute attached to the Autonomous University of Barcelona and has its own teaching structure and academic organisation, enabling it to deliver official university training at first degree and postgraduate levels, as well as ongoing training and specialised courses. The interdisciplinary talent, international projection, and scientific production indicators of the lecturers and researchers of the VHIR guarantee the quality of our teaching.


Limitación del esfuerzo terapéutico en las Unidades de Cuidados Intensivos de Cataluña

PhD student: Alexandra Cortina Gutierrez, Alexandra Cortina Gutierrez
Director/s: Alberto Sandiumenge Camps, Xavier Nuvials Casals
University: Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona
Year: 2022

Array cgh in second or third trimester fetuses with major structural abnormalities and/or intrauterine growth restriction

PhD student: Maddalena Santirocco
Director/s: Nerea Maiz Elizaran, Alberto Plaja Rustein
University: Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona
Year: 2022

Caracterizacion Bioquimica y Funcional de la Kidney Androgen Regulated Protein (KAP).

PhD student: Antoni Cuevas Alcala
Director/s: Anna Meseguer Navarro
University: Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona
Year: 2022

Millores en les estratègies de prevenció de la prematuritat.

PhD student: Mireia Vargas Bujan
Director/s: Maria del Mar Goya Canino
University: Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona
Year: 2022

Recuperación de la sensibilidad en la epidermis y la dermis de los pacientes quemados: patrones de alteración

PhD student: Ana Tirado Esteban
Director/s: Manuel Armengol Carrasco, Juan Pedro Barret Nerín
University: Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona
Year: 2019

Internal Translation of Truncated Gap Junction Proteins in Health and Disease: Generation, Regulation and Function

PhD student: Maria José Muñoz Guijarro
Director/s: Trond Aasen
University: Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona
Year: 2019


PhD student: Elena Álvarez de la C Crespo
Director/s: Fco. Xavier De la Cruz Montserrat
University: Universitat de Barcelona
Year: 2019

EV-associated miRNAs as a new source of biomarkers in endometrial, colorectal and lung cancers

PhD student: Berta Román Canal
Director/s: Eva Colas Ortega
University: Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona
Year: 2019


Our alumni are very important to us. The VHIR looks after its students and their professional future. Once you finish the Master’s at the VHIR, don’t leave the Vall Hebron Campus behind; you will always be a part of it. So, if you decide to form part of the VHIR Alumni Community, you will be able to stay in contact with your colleagues and enjoy many other benefits.