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The device, called Winco USG, is a simulation platform for holistic and integrated training of professionals performing this type of procedure.

Using computed tomography (CT), with or without contrast, it is possible to perform an accurate and safe detection of the disease without the need for biopsies and avoiding the limitations of other non-invasive diagnostic tools.

The team will investigate, in animal models, the benefits of histotripsy, a technique that allows tumors to be destroyed without incision or heat, and hopes to minimize the risks and enhance the efficacy of immunotherapy.

This new technology will be completely harmless for patients, as it does not use radiation, and will offer superior image quality and better monitoring of tumours, among other benefits.

The event, organized by Vall d'Hebron and Eurecat, has brought together health professionals and researchers in clinically applied AI to improve the medical care of patients.

The European project, in which Vall d'Hebron participates, will favor personalized diagnosis and innovative therapeutic strategies in patients with the disease.

Phase IV AI is included in the Horizon Europe programme, lasts 3 years and prioritises data security and privacy compliance.

YSOTOPE, a DeepTech start-up with the mission to improve the use of immunotherapies through medical imaging, became part of the spin-off network of VHIR and successfully closed its first investment round of €150,000 with Biozell Ventures.

DIAMOND is the first national network of molecular medical imaging that integrates the main 15 leading research groups in different aspects of the field of molecular imaging in pathologies of great impact on society and the health system.

Júlia Baguña, Andrea Guala i Roberto Orsenigo han rebut una dels 105 ajuts concedits en el marc del programa INPhINIT i les 40 del programa Junior Leader.

The head of the Medical Molecular Imaging group at VHIR received the recognition for the best poster presentation for a study on myocardial insulin resistance and cardiovascular risk.

BSC coordinates QUSTom, the first project that will use supercomputing to detect tumors more effectively and safely.

Researchers have detected for the first time that people with type 2 diabetes who have insulin resistance in the myocardium have structural alterations of the heart and more calcifications in the coronary arteries that increase their risk of cardiovascular disease.

Des del 27 de desembre fins al 9 de gener de 2022 es podrà visitar a la sala Àgora del CosmoCaixa.

The Ministry of Science and Innovation granted more than €1.4 million to the project "Early molecular nanoDIAGnostics of Brain tumours using ImmunePET (DIAGBI)" with the participation of Vall d’Hebron through the Molecular Medicine Imaging Group.