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A study, co-led by Vall d’Hebron, has analysed the evolution of clinical trials with children and adolescents with cancer over the last 15 years, with the aim of optimising efficacy and defining lines for further progress.

The new protocol has the same efficacy as the standard one, but only a quarter of the duration, reducing dropout rates and side effects.

Vall d'Hebron has participated in a phase III clinical trial which confirmed the efficacy and safety of subcutaneous infusion of levodopa therapy.

A clinical trial with the prototype of the device shows that the use of this technology improves patient monitoring by nurses and reduces post-surgical complications.

Preliminary study results confirm that the drug resmetirom reduces the presence of fat, inflammation, cell damage and fibrosis in the liver.

Funding is key to bringing the neuroprotective drug ApTOLL to market and providing a new therapeutic option for the patients.

The BEACON clinical trial, in which Vall d'Hebron participates, has observed that adding Bevacizumab to treatment with different chemotherapy drugs reduces tumor size in a greater number of patients.

The study, which is part of the European RECOMB project, is currently recruiting volunteers.

This clinical trial is part of the European project RBDCOV, led by HIPRA in which Vall d'Hebron participates, whose recruitment is still open.

The project aims to test the HIPRA vaccine against COVID-19 in children (including adolescents) and immunocompromised people.

The new drug improves core symptoms of depression in just three days

This new method improves and streamlines drug development processes

The study, conducted in more than 770 people, concludes that atogepant reduces the frequency of migraine attacks and the need to take medication.

The multicenter phase 1 trial has been conducted in patients aged 2 to 21 years with solid tumors unresponsive to standard treatments or in relapse.

This clinical trial is part of the RBDCOV project to test the vaccine on adolescents aged from 12 to 18.

L’objectiu d’aquesta sessió va ser posar de manifest les necessitats i perspectives des del punt de vista de diferents àmbits implicats en els assaigs clínics: la recerca, les entitats reguladores i la indústria farmacèutica.

On International Clinical Trials Day, we highlight the increase in VHIR clinical research over the last year.

The research, which is part of the CRESCER project in which Vall d'Hebron participates, has 1423 pregnant women among whom two different interventions will be tested.

Dr. Lucas Moreno is the first author of the international work that presents a series of considerations for early phase studies with the aim of accelerating the arrival of new therapies to patients with childhood cancer.

El VHIR va participar activament en l'assaig clínic d'aquesta vacuna que avaluava la seguretat, la tolerabilitat i l'eficàcia.

The clinical trial conducted by Vall d'Hebron concludes that with a simple blood test in the second trimester, more than 90% of the women will be able to stop the treatment without negative consequences for them or their babies.

It is the first international multi-centre clinical trial to analyse the safety and effect of this treatment for an autoimmune disease.

The two centres call on people with a diagnosis of cancer over 65-years-old and living in Barcelona to participate in the trial.

The data was presented during the opening main plenary session at the International Stroke Conference held this week in Dallas, USA.