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29/11/2023 - 15:00

Vall d'Hebron Talks by VHIR 'Sample size for Animal Studies'

Ubicació Sala d’actes de la planta baixa de l’Hospital General
Etiqueta Vall d'Hebron Talks by VHIR

Speaker: Dr. Santiago Pérez Hoyos, cap d'Unitat, Unitat d'Estadística i Bioinformàtica (UEB)-Core Facilities Preclínics-Àrea de Core Facilities VHIR

CV: statistician and Epidemiologist of the Statistics and Bioinformatics Unit (UEB) of VHIR since 2010 and head since 2021. More than 30 years in consulting and teaching tasks to help researchers and clinicians in the design and statistical data analysis of their studies. Member of the Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee of the Vall Hebron campus.

Abstract: calculating  the sample size of an experiment is crucial due to ethical implications of using animals in clinical experimentation. An experiment with an insufficient size may lead to not find important effects, and an experiment with an excessive size may cause animals to suffer unnecessarily. In this session we will introduce the main requirements for calculating an optimal sample size with examples using free software.
-Statistical concepts in the calculation of sample size
    *Effect size
    *Standard deviation or variability
    *Level of significance
-Sample size calculation for dichotomous response variables in 2 groups
-Sample size calculation for continuous response variables in 2 groups
-Software for sample size calculation: G Power
-What to do when there is no information: The Resource equation.
-Practical examples in different experimental designs

Host: Dr. Marta Rosal Fontana, Coordinador/a, Core Facilities Preclínics-Àrea de Core Facilities VHIR

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