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A Multicentre Controlled Open Randomized Clinical Trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety profile of an anti-TB drug combination based on High Dose Rifampicin, High Dose Moxifloxacin and Linezolid daily for DS AFB smear positive pulmonary TB patients during the initial 8 weeks of treatment.

  • Codi protocol: RML-TB
  • Codi EudraCT: 2021-001626-22
  • Grup de recerca: Malalties Infeccioses
  • Servei: Infeccioses
  • Investigador/a principal:  Sánchez Montalvá, Adrián
  • Malaltia: Certes malalties infeccioses i parasitàries
  • Fase: Fase II
  • Estat: Reclutant voluntaris