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21/09/2022 - 15:00

Seminari de Recerca "Sample size in an animals research project's ethical evaluation"

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Victoria Fornés Ferrer, Vicerectorat de Recerca i Innovació - Universitat Miguel Hernández. Elche

Plan and design is the first step for an experiment with animals to obtain conclusive results. There are a series of aspects that must be tought thoroughly and determined long before requesting the project evaluation: How will I measure the efficacy of the drug? Along what units do I move? What type of variable is it? Is there variability in the response? What is my experimental unit? How many groups do I need to test my hypotheses? Should I include both sexes? How many animals do I need?
We must ask and answer all these questions to determine the design of the experiment and also the number of animals necessary to obtain conclusive results. Both the PREPARE and ARRIVE guidelines focus on each of these points, and with that, ensuring that the methodology is as rigorous and transparent as possible, guarantees the reproducibility of methods and results.
The objective of this talk is to demonstrate the importance and necessity of evaluating all factors that influence the experimental design and sample size, to finally convey this responsability to the research staff, and with it improve the scientific reproducibility of their projects. 

Host: Marielle Esteves Coelho, DVM, Cap ESU – Experimental Surgery Unit -Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca

Online connection: https://gencat.zoom.us/j/94555947283